Lori Potts-Dupre
"Sebastian has been a wonderful, sensitive and responsible caretaker and dog walker for our three very different dogs. He has helped us take care of Gup the elderly pug, feisty Truman the pit bull, and nervous Nell the terrier. I highly recommend Sebastian!"

David in Takoma Park
“Sebastian has been timely, professional, and enthusiastic in walking my dog. I highly recommend him and especially for those with a high-energy pet who wants an outing, not just a slow walk around the block."

Jennifer in Takoma Park
"Thanks for making Hank’s days so happy. I know he looks forward to your visits."

Scot, Jinny, and Argos
"Thank you so much for looking after Argos for us the past year. We really enjoyed coming home to your notes. You really made us feel as though he was with someone who would be kind and gentle with him."

The Conways
"Thanks for keeping our furry baby happy while we are away."

"Thanks for doing such a good job with Mick. I never thought I would see the day when he let a ‘stranger’ into the house. You must be a dog whisperer. Thanks."

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