Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Contact us to schedule your meet-and-greet so that you can get familiar with us and so we can meet your furry friend.

Once you’ve had the first meeting we will get you signed up for our client portal in the Time To Pet app so that you can see our walk while you’re at work, as well as easily manage your schedule and pay your bill.

Once your visit is paid for you’re booked and all set! You’ll be able to relax knowing that your furry friend is being taken care of while you’re busy. Once we wrap up we will send you a report of our visit to tell you how it went.

Are there any fees for weekends/holidays?

Yes, we charge a $5 gratuity for the walkers on holidays and weekends. For visits that are outside of our business hours on normal weekdays we charge a $3 gratuity. These go in full to your walker.

When is payment due and how? What happens if we change our service after paying?

Payment is due prior to the beginning of service. You can pay by credit card or back account through the client portal, cash, check, or Venmo are accepted as well. Itemized invoices are found inside of the client portal as well as previously paid ones should you wish to review them.

If, for example, you were to pay for a 30 minute walk and then later need to switch it to a 15 minute walk because your dog got sick/injured then your account will be credited with the difference in cost to be applied to future visits. We do not provide refunds.

Failure to pay for the services on time may result in cancellations of your visit without notice.

What do you do for inclement weather?

We walk in sunshine, rain, sleet, or snow! We will only close during unsafe driving conditions, we follow MCPS school closures to determine this. We will only stop a walk early during bad weather if your pup is clearly miserable. We aren’t in the business of torturing animals so if they aren’t happy out there we will bring them back inside to finish out their time getting some TLC where it’s nice and dry. For those aquatically minded dogs - please leave out a towel for us to dry them off so you don’t come home to a house full of wet paw prints!

Doggy bags - do we need to provide them?

Nope! We always have plenty of bags on us so if you’re running low, don’t worry, we won’t raid your stash!

What am I required to provide?

We only need you to provide a leash and a collar/harness to walk them with. Towels nearby for a rainy day are a great help as well.

Is there any particular gear that you recommend?

For leashes we have found almost any braided nylon rope to be the perfect combination of durability/grip/comfort. Note that if you’re considering a lead with a foam or plastic handle - more often than not they break VERY quickly and leaving you with an uncomfortable grip.

For harnesses we LOVE the Freedom Harness because it doesn’t choke and it provides the best control for dogs that pull. It also has a lifetime warranty if they manage to break it!

For collars for dogs that tend to pull we recommend a Martingale collar. They allow the dog to have a relatively loose and unrestricted collar unless they pull and then it tightens up.

Do you provide treats?

No, we don’t bring treats with us but are happy to provide your pup with as many as your training routine requires if you provide them for us!

Do you train dogs?

No we don’t provide dog training. We will help them to show good walking habits and will gladly work in conjunction with any plan that you have with your trainer.

How far in advance do I need to cancel to avoid a fee?

For walks we need to receive notice prior to 9pm the day beforehand. For overnight stays we need to receive notice at least 5 days before it’s scheduled to begin.

Do I get a refund for the cancelled walks?

We don’t provide refunds but will credit your account to be used for your next visit.

Why do you need 2 copies of my key?

We ask for two copies of keys. The first is for everyday use and the second is to be kept locked up in our office as a backup in the extremely rare circumstances that your key is misplaced or if we accidentally lock ourselves out of your house.

I live in an apartment building, can I still get a walk?

Yes! We serve apartment buildings as long as they don’t require check-in at the front desk in order to access the apartment. We do this because having to check-in will often mean waiting for the employee to get off the phone or come back from break which can put us extremely behind schedule.

What happens if my dog gets bitten/injured while they’re with you?

Other dogs can be hard to predict so we try to avoid all greetings that we don’t have confidence will go well. In the event that something does happen we are insured to cover veterinary costs and will transport your pet to your vet at no cost.